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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 10:08:09 -0600

Hi Peter. Another volley of stuff for Heresy :)

First the general stuff:
I know I have asked this before, but I will repeat it....put ALL skills in
the core rules. Otherwise you have situations like the Rampage skill which
are possessed by only a single unit in the game, but which are still core
So, place all skills in the core regardless if they are specific to a race or not? That would cut down paper.

Why not add the break point and victory point values directly to the army
lists, where unit compositions and point costs are found anyway???
True. I will do it!

You should seriously consider allowing some infantry with anti-infantry
weapons limited anti-armour fire ability. Perhaps, make a new weapon
designation called "Combined" or something similar. Units with combined
weapons fire and suppress as anti-infantry weapons, but may fire at armoured
targets at short range. Eventually give them -1 or -2 on armour penetration
As things are now, the mainstay of most armies, the tactical infantry, are
simply cannon fodder. And while Epic scale games are very charactirized by
the horrible fate of the grunts, they still deserve a chance. (BTW, I love
infantry in Epic ;) )
Hehe, I can put inthe following rule, anti-infantry may ONLY penetrate armored unit on a roll of 10. Difficult, but possible.

Make it more difficult to make criticals on titans, otherwise I think they
will be wasted VERY easily.
I have been testing this, its not as difficult as you think though, it requires armor penetration AND a roll for catastrophic damage, granted something like a volcano can do it but getting those shields down is another probelm too. I once entertained the thought of making the catastrophic roll straight up no modifers (only for close combat weapons), hows that?

It is extremely rare for units to be suppressed more than once. Therefore
the ork ability with regards to multiple suppresson is rather pointless. I'd
suggest being suppressed twice incurs penalties, with the penalty rising for
being suppressed 4 times etc.
We could introduce a continum, the current penalties for one counter and the penalties get one more worse and peak at three counters. This sounds like a good idea.

Can units suppress a single target unit by directing really massive
firepower towards it???
What do you mean? Multiple units CAN shoot at it for suppression, but the firepower of each group is independently determined.

Space marine army list:
Why do flamer marines get rhinos when the rest doesn't? I can't imagine that
the small portion of flamer marines in a chapter could possibly steal the
rhino's from the rest of the chapters forces.....
Can you say "typo". I took all the transports off to give people flexibility to have them on foot or mechanized.

Imperial guard army list:
Heavy infantry should really only have an assault rating of 2....I know I
have bothered you with this before but if quality arguments don't help, then
try with quantity :)
This was the original thought, but game mechanics wise its not a good idea, think about it a 2 assault means you die in assault on any roll but a 1, if we add modifiers it can make auto-kills, which I dont want. Note the highest modifier is +2 but that takes a lot of difference in assault strength. Its to give them a fighting chance.

Consider giving the rough riders a +1 armour bonus to take into account the
additional difficulties in taking down a bio-engineered horse with a
foul-smelling (but fierce) Atillan on top.
I can live with this.

Is it intentional that imperial guard tactical detachments cannot be
mechanized as their detachments ar too big???
Not really, but you need TWO chimera detachments to do so. IG are so cheap it is still cost effective to do so.

Perhaps the knights should be independent instead of heroes? Of course this
might represent the inspiration these mighty war machines would inspire in
teh grunts, but I can't imagine a knight giving orders to a bunch of IG
grunts in a trench. If making them independent then this should of course
also apply to eldar and chaos knights.
Note that knights are bought as individual models, due to cost and power, I think tis appropriate to have them as heros, since frequently they may lead lesser troops.

Squat army list:

Squat termites get an armour of 5, but IG termites have armour 6. This
appears to be a typo, since the squats propably invented the things, it
would seem logical that they get the best ones.

Shouldn't the special characters like ancestor lords etc. have the stealth
Another typo

Eldar army list:

Dark reapers definately shouldn't have so much armour! They are also
overpowered in NetEpic which is ridiculous. In 40K they have armour like
striking scorpions, so why the hefty armour plating (walking tanks actually)
in Heresy? I advice reducing this to 5 or at the very most 6.
The original background has been diluted considerable, in the original list they had a "carapace" armor which is very powerful. They were made with this in mind.

Aren't the warp spiders death web a bit too wild? In 40K it was always an
anti-personal weapon. Why do this weapon have both range AND a template?
<shrugs shoulders> I dont know much about these nwer units os its hard to get them right, whats your suggestion.

Chaos army list:

I'd suggest giving the androids an armour of 6. That way they will be a bit
more special, rather than just a kind of "poor mans marines".

How come the chaos squats haven't got the "rugged defense" skill of their
less enlightened brethren??
<big grin> typo?

Chaos definately needs some restrictions on high-ranking commanders, just
like anyone else has.
Will do.

Ork army list:

Stompas are heroes, but the thing about knights above might apply here.
However, I kinda like the idea of a stompa leading orks into battle. Kinda
See above under knights.

Make ork nobz! Simply make them replace the boyz that accompany ork leaders.
Keep the current stats (Except perhaps a +1 bonus to assault) but make their
weapons all-purpose (blastas) instead of anti-infantry. Simple and
Nobz are there, I just call them warband leaders

Hope you can use this salvo of stuff...and if anyone else has comments
please bring 'em on
Cool! I just love how these rules get better and better. I have been playing some games and pitted a Imperator versus a Lizardking titan to dispel any doubts on Slann titan viability, more on that this weekend.

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