[NetEpic ML] Re: titans revision

From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 10:18:53 -0600


these are my opinions:

titans cost:

warlord: 500 pts should be right, with the proposed changement they are much
stronger and worth their price.

reaver: increase the cost to 350 pts., or restrict its weapons availability,
now with the sole exception of plasma destructor it can fields the same
weapons that a warlord can; with the shields repairing increase its cost
must be raised.
I must admit its a compelling argument, if we decide to bump it up to 350, then Warlord should be 500 points.


Usually I don't play with imperial titans, only in the rare occasion I play
chaos, but I usually play against them, these are my opinions:
1) every time players mount the same weapons configuration, some weapons
like harpoon msl., quake cannon, multi launcher etc. never take part in
battles, while others like volcano cannon, vortex msl., WARP msl., plasma
destructor etc. are too often present. These situation should be changed
with the introduction of a rarity factor that should prevent these abuse,
otherwise what is the reason to have so many weapons available when usually
only 3/4 are fielded?
Precisely why I'd like to change some of the rules to make all weapons attractive.

2) please change the warp missile datas, I saw too many games decided by
them. Try squat pretorians against them and tell me how they can survive, at
least a titan has a small template and the probability to scatter outside
are higher, but a pretorian with its huge template is a dead machine! The
problem is that a missile cost only 125 pts, while a pretorian 450/500 pts.!
I agree for two dice damage resolution with the choice of the best and to
raise their cost.
I lump warp missiles with vortex missiles, while less lethal on the surface they still are game busters. The have to be limited!

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