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From: stefano andreoni <ltremari_at_...>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 18:01:54 +0100


suppression: I agree with Weasel that is difficult that a unit could be
multi suppressed in a turn, generally multi stands/vehicules are difficult
to suppress for their number and the great amount of suppression fire
required. In my little experience with the system, only BP are really
effective and can multi suppress the same unit. In three heresy games played
I never seen a unit with four or more suppression counters (for malus
modifier) and I played some huge games with 5000+ points.
We can do two things to adjust the table: lower the counters need to
negative modify the morale for suppression removal or introduce the
possibility that some weapons could generate more then one suppression
counter each time they fire (i.e a goliath could generate d3 counters).

question: playng again with choos I saw this situation: a bloodthirster has
an assault value of 20 and an armor factor of 8; now in close combat the
rules state that as it is an armored unit its armor factor must be used to
save close combat hits, vice versa infantries test on their assault factor.
In my game the bloodthirster fought some harlequins; what happen was that
the harlequins had their assault factor, for armor pourpose, better, this
fact leaves the bloodthirster too weak if considered vehicule in close
combat, at least it should have an armor factor of 10 in this instance. This
example could be extreme but we have to consider that this demon is one of
the best close combat fighter of the game and generally close combat cause
many hits and an armor of 8 is not a guarantee.

Have you tested tyranids? I just finished my epic army and I would like to
test them in heresy.

Stefano Andreoni
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