[NetEpic ML] Re: Net Epic Revision: Titans

From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 19:48:50 -0600


Hehe, we'll it seems that a consensus will not be reached here either.

Its all a problem of vision I guess, Kelvin and I remember what this weapon USED to be, it was one of the best weapons to get, now its pretty trival. ANY IG battery is better than this. ANY alternate barrage weapon is better than this. The problem is NO ONE uses it. If a modifer is a bad idea, multiple templates is pretty bad too.

To leave this weapon without a modifier really doesn't give it much to compete against better weapons of this type, range? Not enough to compensate.

I cant think of much of a compromise. Heck, I'd rather scap this weapon altogether an bring back its original form at least that way if you gave it a high cost no one would agrue since its really good. This thing was originally anti-titan! It had a good chance for criticals too. It acted more like a hunter killer barrage than what it is now.

Just a shame to see this weapon not used, with such a glorious past!

What to do?

>>> big deal 3 weapons but the weekist one is a template and that negates
cover. And the others are close range, this one shoots across the whole
battle feild. And now you want to make it a Light tank killer too. Cheese
factor coming on. Then fine give it 3 templates but then only allow it to
shoot every other turn. For at this rate, me and Peter need to change the
cost of the Slann Titan, cause you are going to make the warlord stronger
then the Impreator.
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