[NetEpic ML] Re: Net Epic Revision: Titans

From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 17:17:46 -0800


I looked up the various human units that use rockets/missiles.

Unit Range Save Mod.

Rocket Launcher 100cm 0

Manticore 200cm 0
Whirlwind 150cm 0
Hunter/Killer 75cm -1
Hellfire 200cm -1

Thunderbolt 25cm -1
Marauder 50cm -2
Hellion 75cm -4

It seems to me, that the Multiple Rocket Launcher does not fare well
against its cousins. Exclude the air weapons, because of thier short
range delivery method, and the Hellion, because of its special nature.

I like these three options:

1) 100cm range, -1 save
2) 200cm range, 0 save
3) 75cm range, 0 save, 2 templates

Warprat ;)

13.Multi-launcher, if you played AT you know this is NOTHING like its
predecessor, it just plain sucks. I say either give it a save
modifier of -1 or extra templates to earn its points.

Very, very, very true. I'd support this whole heartedly. I'd give the
multilauncher a -1 save modifier to balance it out.

!! boo just give it 2 templates, for this is a anti infanrty weapon and
should stay that way Why dose every Titan weapon have to have a TSM

But they don't. Look at the LasBlaster, Inferno Gun and Vulcan
Mega-Bolter. They are worth taking as they can do serious damage to
enemy infantry and don't have TSMs. Look at the way the Multi-Launcher
is. It sucks. Even if it fired two templates, I still wouldn't take
it. But if it had the -1TSM, I'd seriously consider it. A -1TSM
doesn't make that huge a difference (except if you're a NetEpic Space
Marine....). I like the change to the -1TSM.
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