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Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 09:17:13 +0200

> Sure, also...some skills might very well apply to other
> troops, like the
> battle sister "urban fighter" skill. THis is a skill which
> some IG unit
> ought to have (perhaps that is an idea for Spec op's..) so
> putting it in the
> sisters army list might be a bad idea....the same goes for
> other skills

Somebody actually LIKES my creation?!!??? ;)


> OKay..:) But it does make the marines a bit awkward because
> it is difficult
> to mechanize an entire company. But I like the ability to
> have marines on
> foot. Of course you could just buy a dedicated transport company with
> raiders and rhinos and use it to transport the company

This is something that has been bothering me. The marines are supposed to be
mobile, but current army list puts them in the same line with IG. How about
introducing a special "unit" from AT era for marines: the transport pool. It
supplied enough rhinos to transport a company. It could be classified as a
support unit, so a player wishing to mechanize a company would have to
sacrifice heavy support for mobility. Also, since it would take a unit slot
the mechanized companies would have one infantry detachment less than foot
companies. What do you think?


Jyrki Saari
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