[NetEpic ML] R: Heresy Summary

From: stefano andreoni <ltremari_at_...>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 09:31:41 +0100



>1-2 chits, -1 to accuracy and assault value, no penalty to morale to remove
>3-4 chits, -2 to accuracy and assault value, -1 to morale to remove the
>5+ chits, -3 to accuracy and assault value, -2 to morale to remove the

I agree

>All titan weapons add d3 counters or suppression
>All artillery add one chit per 2 BP of the attack, meaning a converging
attack will cause >lots more suppression than an open sheaf attack.

I agree

>Some weapons of the non-titan class may receive more chits to suppress
depending on >case.
>I will increase the suppression of anti-infantry weapons versus armored
units back to >1/2 total value

I agree

>Infantry with anti-infantry weapons may attack armored units within their
SHORT range >and penetrate on a 9+.

So you hit a vehicule normally, then do you penetrate it with a 9+? And its
armor value? I think it is different to penetrate a land raider and a rhino.
I think that the 9+ should be the to hit roll and that the armor value
should be checked for destruction without any modifiers.

>Close combat

>Greater demons and other "beasts' may use their better assault value in
assault combat.

I agree

>Anything else to add?

What do you think about the introduction of a fall back order like AT/space
marines? You could give volontary this order to units, its effect should be:
1) retreat: the unit move at charge spead toward its board edge along the
most direct line
2) negative effects: assault factor halved for the unit, no fire, no
spotting, -1 morale while the order is in effect.
3) positive effects: -1 to accuracy fire toward it, possible retreat during
the movement phase if contacted by enemies for close combat purpose (no

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