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Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 07:46:17 +1000

At 03:18 PM 3/8/00 +0000, Weasel wrote:

>Another consideration however:
>The vulcan mega bolters and inferno guns....are they worth their cost??
>Considering that they only get to fire perhaps once or at best twice in a
>fight....do nayone have experience with these things?

The value of these weapons is proportionate to the Titan they are mounted
on really. On a slow Warlord, they are minimal value. On the swift
Warhound, they are awesome. I like them. I like them both alot. The
Mega-Bolter is great at mowing down lots of infantry and two of them on a
Warhound is just plain nasty. The Inferno Gun is also a great weapon,
especially if you play with plenty of cover or Urban areas. I like to
outfit my dual warhound units with either twin Vulcans or Vulcan + Inferno
plus either twin Turbo-Las or Turbo-Las + Blastgun. One anti-tank, one

I think both these weapons are very useful, but only when used well (as
with any weapon).


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