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Looks good to me, just had a look at the Ogre web site, some nice minis at a good price, now all I need to do is find them in the UK, any clues???

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Daryl Lonnon wrote:

Hi!Daryl, great work! Very balanced as far as I can tell. Do you have the time to do this as a word document?
I'd planned on wordify'ing it sooner or later. So the answer is yes.

Random thoughts/concerns about it that I have:o Powered Infantry, should they have a higher CAF (I was thinking +2).
+2 like marines.

o Should I dump the -1 TSM to the Powered Infantry Weapons (they'd be like Standard Space Marines but with Termie Armor and bad morale).
Depends termies have a -1 weapons modifier, if they are that good leave the -1 in.

o Lasers, I can't find my GEV book ... so some of the stuff was from memory. I'm pretty sure Lasers didn't come out like I wanted.
Any different from "GW" lasers?

o Advanced Targeting Computers. That was added to make Combine vs Pan-European forces more Ogre like. But I'm not 100% sure that's necessary.
GW forces have targetters built in to the to hit roll. It depends how good the targeter is.

o Ogres. Probably need alot of playtesting/thinking to balance right. I switch between thinking they are about right, to thinking they might be too tough to kill. They have no sheilds, but no real critical hit locations either. Infantry can strip off their AP's and their treads from a distance (and with it's AP's gone, an Ogre can be overwhelmed with Infantry ... esspecially by jump pack equipped troops, who can destroy it's difficult to destroy weapons in CC).
They can and should be tough, the tricky part is a good cost scheme. If they are better than titans by a lot they should be priced accordingly.

I'll probably start putting it into Word in the next week (don't knowhow long it'll take though).
Thanks again!


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