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TTheresnew weapons and stuff, MRM is a medium range missile launcher.
The actual rules are only slightly changed.
Do you have the old rules for all the nifty weapons (like gauss
I can find the rules changes and mail 'em if you give me a little time

-->We figured out the MRMs from the stats in the back of the Read Out,
but it still left us floored. We had missed something, somewhere. IIRC,
we're "current" up to 3075 or something like that. First and second
generation Clan Mechs and the like (the converted inner sphere stuff).
When we play, we generally are gaming just prior to the Clan invasions,
but include some of the tasty bits the Inner Sphere gets post-Clans.

Josh R
(Remind to me to tell you about the "Lemming maneuver")

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