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From: Tom Webb <mail_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 09:18:11 -0000

I just rang the games workshop mail order line and they have 200 marine
sprues and plenty of plastic sprues for the other races, they don't have the
box sets any more but maybe these will help.

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  My main interest in them are the plastic sprues for infantry. This is
probably the sorest point for many. Since we can easily proxy vehicles the
infantry becomes a big issue.

  Tom if you happen to find out when they have them available let us know.

  Of course any new units and models they make up will have an immediate net
epic counterpart.


  P.S. Tom, should I send you those files we spoke of? Let me know to what
e-mail address and how big of a file you can handle.

  Kelvin henderson wrote:

    At 06:26 PM 17-01-00 +0000, Tom Webb wrote:


      Don't fear Epic fans, Epic is NOT dead! Epic 40,000 is currently being
supported by the Fanatic Games division of Games Workshop. This team of
diehard gaming madmen make sure that continuing support for Epic 40,000 as
well as new Citadel Miniatures, Rules and Publications continue to be
produced. So don't despair, Fanatic Games is here for all you Epic 40,000
      [Tom Webb]

      They have a website at if you are interested.

    Thanks for the update Tom. Most of us are already very aware of Fanatic
and it efforts. Several people on the list already have Warmongers in their
collections. This list is MOSTLY about NetEpic and its effort to keep the
air of Space Marine 2/Titan Legions alive and kicking, but Epic 40K has its
place (mostly as a way to keep the spirit of Epic alive in one way or

    Again, thanks for the update.


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