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Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2000 08:55:13 -0000

I totally agree with this, Dreadnaughts are limited at the moment.

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  I think the big problem with robots and dreads is somewere along the line
they got slowed down in epic, robots should be 2 times faster then troops
and dreads should be 1.5 times faster then troops ex. in 40K troops move 4",
dreads move 6", and in RT robots move 8". also they should have a bonus
fighting troops in CC (like 3 dice and pick the best 2)or( give them their 2
bolters they have) this will go a long way in making them what they should
be in the game

    Eivind Borgeteien <eivind.borgeteien_at_...> wrote:

    As any player (I think) that has been around for a while and have an IG
or SM army, I have a whole bunch of robots laying around. With my ideas on
using robots in drop pods, and now a unit for the squats, I hope we all can
dry the dust off theese guys.

    This is a unit I made shortly after watching the latest Star Wars movie,
and with the recent discussions around Squats, and lately robots/walkers I
thought this was a proper time to present the unit.

    Ironbreaker Armoured Robot Squadron (Company Card)
    The Ironbreaker Armoured Robot Squadron consist of two robot detachments
and one super heavy command vehicle. The role of the command vehicle is to
transports the robot detachments into battle, and then control the robots.

     As long as the command vehicle is operational, the owning player can
give orders to the robots as normal. If the command vehicle should be
destroyed, the robots will go back to their prewritten programs. The command
vehicle has to be within 25 cm of the robotdetachments to be able to give
them orders. If the vehicle is further away than this, the robots will go
back to their prewritten programs.

     The command vehicle is considered a commander, so all rules for
commanders applies to this vehicle

    Due to the technical nature of this units, the availability is somewhat
scarce. Only one IARS is allowed pr 3000 points.

    Models: For the vehicle, use any suitable tank of super heavy size
without big guns. For robots, any robotic looking 6 or 10 mm miniature will

          Unit Name
         Attack Dice
         To hit roll
         Target´┐Żs save modifier

         10 cm
         75 cm
         Walker, special rules.

          Command Vehicle
         15 cm
         1+ all round
         Heavy Bolters
         25 cm
         Carries 10 robots




          Ironbreaker Robot Squadron
         2 robot detachments (5 robots each)

          1 Command Vehicle

    Would love to get some feedback on this!


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