Re: [Epic] Evolution (of cheese) in Epic troops.

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Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 11:02:45 +1000 (EST)

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>> >> You gotta admit, nothing
>> >> is cheezyer then the Doomweavers.
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>> > You mean the Wave Serpents. =)
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>> >Scott
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>> Yeah wave serpents are bad, but I might give the award to the Shock Attack
>> Gun - a guy I play has a mere 28 of them and you aught to see the mess they
>> can make of just about everything in their line of sight.
>I used to play my Chaos against a friend who had an Eldar army -- used
>to, that is, until I learned he had 6 squadrons of Warp Hunters and 15
>(fifteen) Doomweaver squadrons...He lined them up on the back edge,
>behind cover, since they scatter anyway, and turn about 1/3 of the table
>into impassable terrain using Exarchs as spotters.

Hmmm.. interesting tactic. And you said it actaully worked?

>Of course, he created his own Eldar craftworld that used Exarchs as
>their free card. Could only have been cheesier if we were playing in
>Wisconsin ;)

He chose to have "FREE" exarchs. Now this guy is a grade one jerk. Yes it
suggests that you can create your own craftworlds with your own free card,

The Exarchs cost 400 points, the most expensive card at the moment is 150
points. The Exarchs are a special card. I have a freind who had banshees as
his free card, which was fair enough and he always asked if it was OK
beforehand. Exarchs for free, give me a break. This has to be one of the
worst cases of rules abuse I've heard in a while.

>Needless to say, I didn't play much with him after that.

I don't blame you.

BTW a belated Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all on the list.

Oh and for you Americans and Brits freezing your butts off, I sat in a pool
drinking with friends on a lovely balmy night for new years. Just thought
you'd like to know.
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