Re: [Epic] Mentor legion

From: Michael the Liu <mikethel_at_...>
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 16:59:17 -0800

I was poking around through my old mailbox I keep around for things I'm
ing and I came across a post describing Jyrki Saari's Mentor Legion idea.

In the post you said the following:

>What do you think? I have not playtes=
ted them so I donīt know if they are
>unbalanced but I tried to be reaso=
nable and not to generate a new class of
>cheddar. :)

So how did the play=
testing turn out?

Also, I remember when the list crashed someone named Mar=
c mentioned having
come up with an idea for a new unit called a "combatech,=
 ranger" (or
something like that :) ) that they posted when the list was do=
wn, and I
assumed they would put it back up after the list came back online=
, but I
haven't seen it. Could you post it again Marc?

Michael th=
e Liu
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