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Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 16:04:24 +1000 (EST)

>I was just going over WD 178 (I think) and came across some future plans (at
>that time I mean) for the Epic system.
>An article introducing the release of the Titan Legion (abt two years ago ?)
>mentioned about having various versions of Emperor class Titans based on the
>plastic Imperator model - metal parts will be used in addition/ in lieu of
>some of the plastic Imperator parts. Warmonger Titans were also mentioned,
>as well as the all metal Warlord Titan (which has already came out).
>Eldar Exodites models were also mentioned. Maybe this is what we'll be
>seeing with the new releases for Epic 40K. Though I must say it is quite
>overdue, almost two years since the Titan Legion came out. :(

Yep, GW seems to take a while in relaeasing some of their stuff. Apparently
it is an attempt to not flood the market, and partly due to epic's poor
sales. I was interested in the variations for the Imperator, and the
warmonger, and very interested in the exodites. I've heard that the exodites
will be part of the new releases for epic 40K, so they've onlt sat on them
for about 2-3 years, which seems about average for GW. When they get stuck
in a WFB or 40K rut, epic was always put way back on the back-burner. Maybe
it'll change when they make epic 40K as strongly supported as the other big
two. 8-).

>p.s. Sigh, the Codices for 40K will be raised to 15 pounds come Jan 97 - a
>little soon, if you asked me, especially since they just raised it from 10
>pounds to 12 pounds a few months (?) back.

Sheesh. Glad I play warzone now. Minnies for half GW's price. I like that.

>I supposed I better start saving up for Epic40K, revised versions of Armies
>of Imperium, Renegades, Warlords (GW have not mentioned revising these box
>supplements, but I can't imagine them not doing it). :( Sigh....

I think the chances are they will be released like the armies books and
codexes rather then a boxed set. The cards are going, and the books make
them more money, they charge the earth for them. I would be very suprised if
they don't. It would be totally out of character.

>Also, I called the GWUK yesterday, a Mailorder person said GW might be
>having a special offer on those Epic blister/boxes which they took back from
>their retailers. But I came across conflicting updates from different
>Mailorder boyz a few times before, so do take this with a pinch of salt.

The deals they have on phone order can be great. It's about the only time
that they have been reasonably priced. Some of those deals have been great.
Got all my old style Knights (the Eldar ones are wiggy) in a great deal once.
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