[Epic] Reminiscing

From: <oki_at_...>
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 13:22:21 +0730

I was just going over WD 178 (I think) and came across some future plans (at
that time I mean) for the Epic system.

An article introducing the release of the Titan Legion (abt two years ago ?)
mentioned about having various versions of Emperor class Titans based on the
plastic Imperator model - metal parts will be used in addition/ in lieu of
some of the plastic Imperator parts. Warmonger Titans were also mentioned,
as well as the all metal Warlord Titan (which has already came out).

Eldar Exodites models were also mentioned. Maybe this is what we'll be
seeing with the new releases for Epic 40K. Though I must say it is quite
overdue, almost two years since the Titan Legion came out. :(

p.s. Sigh, the Codices for 40K will be raised to 15 pounds come Jan 97 - a
little soon, if you asked me, especially since they just raised it from 10
pounds to 12 pounds a few months (?) back.

I supposed I better start saving up for Epic40K, revised versions of Armies
of Imperium, Renegades, Warlords (GW have not mentioned revising these box
supplements, but I can't imagine them not doing it). :( Sigh....

Also, I called the GWUK yesterday, a Mailorder person said GW might be
having a special offer on those Epic blister/boxes which they took back from
their retailers. But I came across conflicting updates from different
Mailorder boyz a few times before, so do take this with a pinch of salt.
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