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Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 12:49:00 -0600

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Date: Friday, January 03, 1997 4:22AM

Also, in regards to the Imperator comment before, GW has
that they will be toneing down titans in the next edition, and that
, supposedly, the imperator and mega-gargant class titans WILL NOT BE
released for it.
My brother just went to the local hobby store and bought up thier
(still shronk wrapped) for $2. Quite a bargain, huh??

>oki_at_... wrote:

 -----> GAK!!!! I can live with a lot of changes (new infantry bases
-really lookin forward to rebasing all those little guys ) but no
Mega-Heavies? Ouch...That's gonna screw up me orks pretty good, and you
can bety the Empire army in my box ain't too happy either...

                        ***Chris Miller
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