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> Ha! That's nothing! For those of you who have been playing for a while,
> you can flip to the back of the Space Marine 1st edition rule book, and I
> swear I am not making this up, it says to look forward to the releases of
> the Emperor class titans (walking fortress/monastaries), Squat juggernauts
> (machines that could dwarf titans), and psychic titans. I don't even know
> how many years ago that was! And unless the Squat juggernauts are those
> super heavies which certainly don't dwarf titans (though they may be bigger
> than a few) they've still only fulfilled one of their promises! Hmmm...I'm
> not sure but I seem to recall something recent, possibly Titan Legions, also
> saying that we'd be getting psychic titans soon. I take everything GW says
> with a grain of salt!
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