[Epic] Whining about GW? Who us?

From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 09:55:54 +1000 (EST)

>Come on guys ! Stop whining !
>I don't really understand why a rewrite of the system is such a problem !
>It was stated zillions times that the old stands are going to be compatible.
>It is the same group of people that created the game we all love, that is
>going to make the new one.Don't be so negative before looking at the system.
>If you don't like the new system, just keep playing with the old one.If you
>happen to love it (and I *bet* you will), just use the new one !

OK, yes I do think that the old units will be compatible, but will they be
as good? Will you have to go buy more stuff to be able to beat the newbie
who have just started? Some of us have been buying epic for ages and have no
strong desire to outlay a lot of money again for the game. I have no
intention of buying the boxed set (with a 50% price increase), all the army
books that will follow, and buy up all the new minnies.For those of us with
big armies and all the expansions, it is annoying that all of this is now
for the new system, pointless. As long as you don't need the masses of books
and rules and minnies to merge into the new system, I'd be happy. But this
is Games Workshop and they run to make money as a BIG priority, so I don't
expect them to be so accomadating.
>Like a thread that was active in this mailing list before it broke down :
>"GW doesn't put a gun on your head" to buy their games, so you are free not
>to buy it.
>In the rec.games.miniatures.warhammer, doddsy described some of the
>differences that we will see in Epic 3, and the new army structure (among
>other things) seemed very interesting.

I am actually quite interested in seeing what they do with epic 40K, and am
optimistic that it will be good. I mean they are adopting some good ideas
from DS2 and that has to be a good thing. And yes a new release means new
minnies and new players which is great. And noone forces us to play the new

>Maybe you know some things that I don't, but I don't see so many reasons to
>be that pessimist about Epic 3.
>Can somebody give me those reasons ?

First and foremost, it's done by GW. I have been buying and playing GW for
almost a decade now, and they still amaze me with some of the things they
do. While claiming they are fixing systems up, a couple of years down the
track the last fix-up once again has to be fixed up. They charge the most
for their games over any other game company around, and make some expensive
figures very much required buying to be successful. I have managed to buy
armies for three other systems with about the same outlay that another 40K
army would cost me, and I don't want to mention what a new WFB army would
cost me. GW have a very bad track record in regard to treatment of their
players. yep they give reasonable support, but only in their own best interests.

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