[Epic] Stand and Deliver

From: Simon Dodds <c9415355_at_...>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 10:28:08 +1100 (EST)

>Come on guys ! Stop whining !

Well, things have been too quiet on the list. We need something to do :)

>I don't really understand why a rewrite of the system is such a problem !

The common argument seems to be the principle of the thing. GW have a
tradition of continually putting out new versions of rules. Instead of just
putting out a new book you are forced to get a whole new $100+ boxed set. It
just goes to show how little they care for their customers (particularly the
long-term ones)

>It was stated zillions times that the old stands are going to be compatible.

No, not really. The shape and size of the new stands (about twice as long as
the current ones) will change things dramatically. The number of stands you
can have in close combat will diminish. Also, try putting these new stands
in buildings (especially the ones in the SM box). It has been said that the
old stands will not be accepted in tournaments, therefore not making them
officially acceptable. Once I heard something about some product that will
be available allowing you to join 2 of the small stands together in order to
make the new ones. This in effect will half the number of stands you have
and as it costs around $40Aus to get one box of stands (and you usually need
2-3 anyway - bastards) it is a lovely little money-spinner for GW

>It is the same group of people that created the game we all love, that is
>going to make the new one.Don't be so negative before looking at the system.
>If you don't like the new system, just keep playing with the old one.If you
>happen to love it (and I *bet* you will), just use the new one !
>Like a thread that was active in this mailing list before it broke down :
>"GW doesn't put a gun on your head" to buy their games, so you are free not
>to buy it.

That's true. But by going on their record, things seem to be going downhill
in the quality of GW stuff. A good example is WFB. A new version 2-3 years
after the previous one? Also Warhammer Magic is almost the same as the
previous magic supplements but there are less spells in it (all the colleges
are just now one reduced deck of Battle Magic) and there are subtle
differences in it that make it near impossible to use the previous magic
stuff with this new edition (is that right, Kelvin?)

>In the rec.games.miniatures.warhammer, doddsy described some of the
>differences that we will see in Epic 3, and the new army structure (among
>other things) seemed very interesting.

True, there are a few new items of interest in the new Epic (or Epic97 as I
like to think of it, along the lines of Microsoft). The new army structure
is annoying mainly because it makes the possibility of cheddar (for want of
a word) much bigger. Epic is not 40K, Epic is Epic, but GW seem to see it as
a good point that Epic97 will be a lot more like 40K. Also it makes all the
supplements that we have useless. There are some new models coming out,
good, but there are also a few models that seem to be disappearing.

>Maybe you know some things that I don't, but I don't see so many reasons to
>be that pessimist about Epic 3.
>Can somebody give me those reasons ?

There are good points but a lot of bad points. It's up to each person to
find the balance and make their decision on that. Currently I cant seem to
justify the cost. I would like to see the new rules but in order to see one
book I would need to buy a box that costs over $100 (prices here in Oz are

Get comfy, everyone. This debate is going to take a while.


Simon Dodds

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