Re: [Epic] Rebel against the new stands ?

From: Miller, Chris <CMiller_at_...>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 16:14:00 -0600

From: The Unknown Dwarf

> are only available at a very few specialty stores so there is little to
> no price competition. Yeah, I have Warcraft I, II, and the expansion,
> and I paid a total $45 for all 3 because I bought them ON SALE - a term
> rarely applied to GW stuff.

Not to mention Warcraft 2 is a better game than warcraft 1 (IMO) and you
CAN play Warcraft by yourself agasint the computer... with a GW game,
have to find someone ELSE who has spent that minimum $250 on the game to
play. It's not really a good comparison. I WILL give the new epic a
chance, just like i gave and am giving Warhammer 5th a chance, but
hasn't given me anything to think it's better so i'm not too opptimistic
about Epic 3/40k/whatever it's called.

Brad Leffew

 ----> In a computer sequel/new edition you usually have the same
concept just executed with more detail, improved interface. better
graphics, etc - technical improvements. Now in a mini game, about the
only tech improvement you could make would be better mini's, but I don't
think too many of us were complaining about that anyway...
        I will buy the big box , cause I'm a die-hard epic-nutcase, but if I
have to rebase everything and but additional mini's due to changes in
the unit size (you know - it's now FOUR land raiders per platoon instead
of 3 - that kind of thing) then I'm going to get REAL angry about it,
but I will give it a try. There's been some talk about
eliminating/powering down some titans etc and that would be a bad thing
IMO, but there's also been some talk about variable unit sizes - no more
"x per card and that's it" restrictions, which I think would be good, so
I guess we'll all just stay tuned...
        As for those of you who will just play the current version...good luck,
but you don't see too many people playing first edition now (or for the
past several years) so you're going to run low on new opposition

                                ***Chris Miller
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