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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 09:24:52 +1000 (EST)

> ----> Let's see, I have the computer and it's expensive, but a game is
>just one thing I can use on it, and when I do I don't need to buy
>anything else to make it work.
> I buy "Warsmacker Nth edition" from GW and (US$ at least) I spend $70
>for a big box with about 3 small booklets and 60 or so "grunt" plastic
>minis. To get ALL the rules, I have to buy a $40 boxed set expansion
>(e.g. Dark Millenium, Battle Magic,etc.) then I'm going to have to buy
>an army book (at least that looks like the trend right now) for $25-$30
>for ONE army (remember the box comes with at least two, so if I want to
>play both of them we're talking two books) so I have spent at least
>$130.00 JUST FOR RULES. If I actually want to build a "complete" army
>(say 3000 points in most of their games) I'm going to need 20 blisters
>(assuming it's an points-intensive army with fewer units or I play one
>from the box) at $6.00 each minimum so there's an additional $120.00

Or you can buy one set of rules between a whole heap of people and photocopy
to your hearts content. Heck with the amount of actual rules in the rules
books and the army lists in the army books, it'd be what 20-30 photocopies?
Whoops I didn't say that. I'd never breach copyright laws. Never did it in
Uni, and I'd never do it now. The infated priced minnies on the other hand....

> So to have a playable game you have to spend $250.00 minimum. Compared
>to computer games the patches (which are free to download from the
>manufacturers in most cases) turn into "Rules Supplements" which can be
>wildly priced and, where software is available all over , most GW games
>are only available at a very few specialty stores so there is little to
>no price competition. Yeah, I have Warcraft I, II, and the expansion,
>and I paid a total $45 for all 3 because I bought them ON SALE - a term
>rarely applied to GW stuff.

Oh I don't know. The offers they send out to buy a 40K or WFB "army" of at
most 30 figures, sometimes as few as 10, for over a hundred dollars are a
great deal. Yeah, right. Boy I hate personally addressed junk mail, as if we
don't get enough "BUY BUY BUY" in the WD's, let alone getting mail from them
as well. Mind you I have to admit that some of the deals they have when
phone ordering form GWUK were very good. Mind you I haven't done that in
ages so they might have cut that out.

Oh and GW -> Sale item. Now that is amusing.

> So it is different, it is more expensive, and it is a serious pain when
>the rules change - if ONLY the rules changed, one component of my
>existing system is till useable, but when the MINIS also change /are
>rendered obsolete by basing , etc. then BOTH components have to be
>replaced -doubling my expense-and that is the biggest beef I have.

Well, the one thing that I constantly find amazing is that they always
revise the rules. Plans to redo the 40K rules in 1999? They plan over two
years ahead of time that they need to fix up problems? I thought that each
of the new releases was meant to be error-free and full-proof for gaming.
Why do they ALWAYS have to redo them, over and over again? Enough of the be
active or die argument, there are far better means to the end of activity
then changes the rules inantely every 3 years or so.

> Sorry about the length...
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