[Epic] Regeneration

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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 14:38:13 +0800

What do you folks think of regeneration for single wound creature ? As
opposed to regeneration for multiple wounds creature ?

I am thinking of having a house rule which treat all regenerative creatures
under the rule of "regeneration for multiple wound".

A single-wound creature
A bloodletter currently has 1 wound only.
After being shot/CC to death (no matter how badly it got bashed up by an
Imperator on one-to-one close combat), it suffers only one wound.
It needs just one roll of (3?),4,5,6 on a d6 to get back right up.

A multiple-wound creature
A HiveTyrant has two wounds.
After being shot/CC to death (again by an Imperator on one-to-one close
combat), it can suffer, say 10 wounds.
It needs nine rolls of (3?),4,5,6 on 10d6 to get back right up.

Likewise a HiveTyrant can be shot continuously at, even after it has been
"killed", whereas a bloodletter cannot.

Now, HiveTyrants are supposed to be a bigger, meaner, version of
bloodletters. But as can be seen here, Bloodletters seem to have a much
greater staying power than HiveTyrants. Or even Dominatrix possibly !

What gives ? So what do you folks think of allowing single-wound
regenerative creature be treated in a similar fashion as multiple-wound
creatures ?

p.s. Also, for single-wound creatures that got killed in CC, they regenerate
in the same round right ? Say, an IG unit managed to kill off a
Carnifex/BloodLetter (by the Emperor's grace ;P) and it regenerates
successfully. Does that mean that in the next turn, the poor IG has to go
through another round of combat with a Carnifex/Bloodletter because the IG
unit is still pinned ?

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