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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 08:46:13 -0500

> From: "oki_at_..." <oki@...>
> What do you folks think of regeneration for single wound creature ? As
> opposed to regeneration for multiple wounds creature ?
> I am thinking of having a house rule which treat all regenerative creatures
> under the rule of "regeneration for multiple wound".

        Fine, as long as you lower the cost of my bloodletters
to 100 points, and trolls to 200. It's not like they're unbalancing
at their current cost, so if you're going to make them weaker, they
should cost less.

> Now, HiveTyrants are supposed to be a bigger, meaner, version of
> bloodletters. But as can be seen here, Bloodletters seem to have a much
> greater staying power than HiveTyrants. Or even Dominatrix possibly !

        Except HT & Doms are command units, can only be shot
at if they're the closest SH, have better armor saves (for when
they're being shot) and better CAFs (for CC). They do have
greater staying power, they just don't regenerate as well.

> What gives ?

        I think Carnis are treated the way they are to keep things
somewhat consistant with bloodletters and trolls.

> p.s. Also, for single-wound creatures that got killed in CC, they regenerate
> in the same round right ? Say, an IG unit managed to kill off a
> Carnifex/BloodLetter (by the Emperor's grace ;P) and it regenerates
> successfully. Does that mean that in the next turn, the poor IG has to go
> through another round of combat with a Carnifex/Bloodletter because the IG
> unit is still pinned ?

        Yep, unless the IG somehow managed to move out of the
way between the CC phase and the end phase...

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