Re: [Epic] GWs Broken Promises.

From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 10:21:00 +1000 (EST)

>Looking back on WD178 (the one which came out at the same time as TL),
>has anyone else noticed the number of broken promises it contained.
>New knights, Chimera-Okay, thats done.
>Anti-Aircaft- That's done too.
>Slaanesh and Nurgle engines- done 7-10 months later

These were actually done in 1992, if you check the copyright at the botoom
of them. So they had actually done them ages before they released them late.

>Ordinatus- a year later.
>Tyrranids- WOW, these guys were promised for Feb, and released in
>released in March '95. I think that's a GW record.
>Eldar scout titan which "Jes goodwin has designed" eigth months later.
>New Lord of Battles
>Warmonger Titan
>More Emperor Class titans based on the Imperator
>Mega-Gargant variants
>Exodite dragon Warriors
>Squat Juggernauts
>"It's going to be an EPIC Christmas"??????

Ummm... Christmas 1997? When epic 40K comes out?

>Lets see. 13 "promises"
>1 was already done.
>1 was fulfiiled the next month (presumably it was allready done)
>So by christmas, 2/12 were complete.
>5 were between a month and a year late.
>6 haven't been done yet, and now they are rereleasing the rules!!!
>Does that mean these will never get done????

Oh they'll be out by 1998.

>Don't worry, just my daily rant.
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