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Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 12:19:09 +1000 (EST)

>I am new to this forum and I have quite lively so far.


>I have played
>epic since its inception almost 9 years ago (God has it been that long!)

Yes, it has. Some of us on the group have been at it that long as well.
Semms like ages ago it all started.

>and I have gathered quite a large collection of figures from all armies
>totalling over 200,000 pts worth.

My god that is a lot. I think I may push 100 000, but I thought I was mad
with collecting.

>This means of course that I am mad as
>hell with this so called Epic 40k. Quite frankly even if the rules turn
>out ok I doom it to failure on two counts. First, this rubbish about
>changing the bases virtually obligate me or any other gamer of many
>years and large collections not play the new system. The investment of
>time and money are just to great and quite frankly I am unwilling to
>support a company that is prepared to shaft us the big one in the hopes
>of making more profit, especially when it is obvious that they are
>ignoring the opinions of the majority.

Well, this is nothing new for GW, and not unexpected by me at least. This
from a company that revises the rules for 40K, and then plans for another
revision (and rules changes) for a couple of years later. The constant
revision is simply a way in their words, of keeping a game active and alive.
Oh, and you need to pay more each time, oh that has nothing to do with it at
all. Active shouldn't mean dumping old rules in my mind.

>Secondly, the elimination of the
>army cards make for those who are lactose intolerant ( like I vehemently
>am)ready for the deluge of extra-cheese armies that will no doubt hit
>the gaming table. I am afraid that the only possibility for us is to
>continue to play the old game and cannabilize anything worthwhile from
>the system.

I dread meeting all the kiddie 40K converts that will number crunch the new
system to hell and think they are great players for it. And it will happen.

> Now, my question to you all is there any way to express our
>opinions to those who are actually designing this game or are they all
>hiding from our justified wrath. If anybody knows a way do not be silent
>I think for all the cash we have given GW we have a right to be heard!

Jervis is listening. He actually asked us to talk about about, and has said
that he will listen to our remarks. As for us already giving them so much
money, well I think that accounts for about zip for them. They are only
interested in what more they can get out ofus.

>Peter, a very pist off veteran epic player.

Unfortunately I feel that we are the ones who will hurt the most with th new
big push for epic 40K to become popular. I fear it will become epic (small
emphasis) 40K (huge emphasis) to make sure that GW makes even more money,
and stuff the vets.
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