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Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 13:45:06 +1000 (EST)

>Hello all you happy Epic players (and all of the pissed-off ones, too)!
> We have been ranting and raving about Epic 40K now for some time and I
>think that we have gotten most of it worked out of our system. (Well,
>maybe not :] ) But, while we may love Epic, I think that it's safe to
>say that it's not a perfect system. I have heard people say that the
>system has its faults. Since I have only started playing recently and
>still think that the game is flawless :) I would appreciate knowing
>what people feel are some of the weaknesses and what new rules have
>been devised to fill these gaps.

The main problem I think most people have with the Epic rules are the rules
interactions. When new stuff was brought out the playtesters at GW didn't
encounter all of the problems and rules clashes that might have occurred and
so some problems arose. The classic one is the old Doomweaver-titan debate
(and please lets not start that again!). One school of thought in that
debate says that an immobilized but shielded Titan that is hit by a
Doomweaver is destroyed while the other school of thoughtis that the shields
protect it and so the Titan survives. Its all down to two rules that clash.
Also the different types of shields (dispersion, holo, void, power, dragsta,
etc...) and what does ignore each of them and what doesn't. This comes down
to new rules being brought out without fully explainign how they interact
with the old rules. And there are a few others that I could mention, but
won't to save space and time (I'm on my lunch break don'tyaknow). These all
were just unfortunate situations were rules clashed or weren't explained fully.

>For example, I have heard people
>mention things about the flyer rules. What is the problem with them
>and what would you do to change them? This isn't a rhetorical
>question. I'm the defacto person-more-or-less-in-charge of the local
>Epic cell, which is composed mostly of newbies like myself, and we
>wouldn't mind seeing rules "updates" or revisions. What's been done to
>the system to improve it and where can I find it?

I don't know of any lists of problems and their most logical solutions, but
the Epic Q&As are a great source of problem-solvers. The can be found on
Allen McCarley's home page, but I don't remember his URL. I'm sure someone
will post it for you.

As to the flyer rules I think they were pretty much fixed with the Titan
Legions supplement with the possible exception of the Marine's Thunderdork
as it behaves in a special way which is fully explained in the rules for it
(a rarity in a GW system, although I must say I was impressed by the
appendices in the latest version of Warhammer Fantasy where they try to
explain how to deal with some common problems encountered during game play.
If only the darn thing wasn't so expensive!).


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