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>Well, this is nothing new for GW, and not unexpected by me at least. This
>from a company that revises the rules for 40K, and then plans for another
>revision (and rules changes) for a couple of years later. The constant
>revision is simply a way in their words, of keeping a game active and alive.
>Oh, and you need to pay more each time, oh that has nothing to do with it at
>all. Active shouldn't mean dumping old rules in my mind.

>> Now, my question to you all is there any way to express our
>>opinions to those who are actually designing this game or are they all
>>hiding from our justified wrath. If anybody knows a way do not be silent
>>I think for all the cash we have given GW we have a right to be heard!
>Jervis is listening. He actually asked us to talk about about, and has said
>that he will listen to our remarks. As for us already giving them so much
>money, well I think that accounts for about zip for them. They are only
>interested in what more they can get out ofus.
What do you guys think of this.

- We get somebody to compile a wish-list (or whatever you call it), keep it
on the game system
- Put the wish-list (whatever you call it) to a vote and compile it.
- Send it to GW.

It might or might not work. But I think it will probably make our voice
louder if we speak in unity and are able to show some stats to GW.

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