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Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 14:22:50 +0800

At 09:03 PM 1/12/97 -0800, you wrote:
>>What do you guys think of this.
>>- We get somebody to compile a wish-list (or whatever you call it), keep it
>>on the game system
>>- Put the wish-list (whatever you call it) to a vote and compile it.
>>- Send it to GW.
>>It might or might not work. But I think it will probably make our voice
>>louder if we speak in unity and are able to show some stats to GW.
>True, it might work. However, it might be a little late now, since some of
>our biggest gripes seem to be pretty solidified already, such as the 5-men
>in a row bases and the increased emphasises on infantry and CC.
>Michael who is a possessor of the lastname Liu
>(for whoever asked what a "Liu" was a while back :P)

Yup, but we could convince them that the row bases will not give any
additional bonus as compared to the old square bases ;) And while infantry
and CC will be greater emphasis, it might not be "OK, My Wolf Lord turned on
his displacer field, combat drugs and warp jumped into the head of Imperator
! Die, you overgrown tin-can."

Anyway, lets try it. And try to do it within the next two weeks. Any takers
for the wish-list compilers. arbitrators ?

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