Re: [Epic] Creating new version of Epic

From: Thomas Bloom <tbloom_at_...>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 00:15:39 -0500

>Not so much a flame here Michael as an observation. There is a fundamental
>problem here with your (what I think is a) great idea: copyright. And GW is
>a stickler for it from what I've heard too. If you take a bastardised
>version of all the Epics and make a rules set out of them, then GW is likely
>to come along and say "Hey, that's ours" and sue the pants off whoever
>belongs to it. I think the idea has merit (it should be playtested
>however), but is ruined by what I see as this one big flaw.

If no one is selling it They can't sue you. If you post the rules we make
on this list or on your website and state that Epic 40k is a registared
trademark and all this is unofficial ect. ect. the worst they can do is ask
you to stop. If free speach extends to pornography it should cover us. If
nothing else we can just put all the rules in between dirty

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