Re: [Epic] Rebel against the new stands

From: <ladyfinger_at_...>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 14:39:33 -0600

> I will most likely stick to the current system. I have barely finished my IG
> army (20+ companies) and I do not like the idea of doing it all over again, not
> to mention giving up my assault and bike companies.

That's my biggest problem with this new thing, too. I've spent much
time and love amassing a horde that I can be proud of. Since I and my
roommates are the majority of our gaming group, and we all have really
large armies, we won't be changing anytime soon. But it's a sure bet
that we're going to use the new models.

> Unfortunately I am a game system addict, so I will probably buy the new system
> out of curiosity anyway...hmmmm wonder why I never seem to have enough money...

Yeah, I know the feeling. Aren't there laws or something protecting

Maybe I'll become run for Congress so I can make laws...

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