Re: [Epic] Titan Legions

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Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 09:03:20 +1000 (EST)

>1) They pack a hell of a lot more fire power than the titans
>2) You can laugh in the face of plasma destructors, while a couple of these
>could kill your titan, they will not do any more than kill a couple of tanks
>when you spred out your points
>3) And when you kill every last unit your opponant throws at you, he won't
>put your name on this list as being a cheap ass cheese player, I mean if you
>de field a couple thousand points of whirlwinds he might say this, but use
>common sense

Oi don' take no stinkin' Toitenz oitha! Oi take me sum Gargantz instead!
Waaaaggggghhhhh! 'Ere's Ta Mork an' Gork an' ta shootin' up dem uvva
stinkin' 'Oomie and Pointy Eared Toitenz! Give 'em sum boot leva lads!
Dakka, Dakka, Waaagghh!

Warlord NobJobz, Bad Moon Clan.


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