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But here's a question:

Can Space Marines have the Imperator as their special card? More=20
specifically, can you put a Devastator Company on board an Imperator,=20
regardless of how they are organized? That was the configuration the=20
first time I ever faced him, and let me tell you, he was intimidating=20
THEN. (Still waxed his turtle ass, tho'...)
But it just occurred to me that Devastators already have transports. I=20
guess the question is, "Is the Imperator (or Mega-Gargant, for that=20
matter) a building for purposes of allied movement? or a troop carrier=20
with windows? or does it just transcend both of those rules?"


AS long as the player abides by the formation rulz there really is no =
problem. Come to think of on more than one occasion I have the =
cheezarator Imperator stuffed thru the gills with terminators -- my =
opponents were concerned about my chaos marines getting inside -=20

the land raiders you ask? They were neatly positioned in formation in =
front of and to the sides of the Cheezarator.

Now thats quite a bit of firepower and combat readiness for a whole =

Twice such an Imperator has fallen to mighty warp missles. Once we =
forgot the psychic save the other time... SNAKE EYES... ha hA HA. Can =
we say header into friendly troops boyz and girlz!!!

The slaan-man. The Heresy is far from over.
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