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From: peter ramos <pramos1_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 15:07:26 +0000

I have just recently read the unofficial 3.0 Space-marine 6mm rules. For
those who have been around epic since Adeptus Titanicus it is obvious
that these rules draw heavily from what we can call 1st edition epic.
Although the original game had many flaws it also had many interesting
perks such as a better developed morale system and the rules made it
almost impossible for anything other than another titan to destroy a
titan, it was very difficult except in concert to take one out by
vehicles alone and a impossible gesture when tried by infantry alone-I
think the flavour of these rules regarding the interactions of different
unit classes was on the right track and the ridiculous situations that
normally arise in todays epic games of massed vehicle of troop close
combats taking out titans fairly easily were unheard of then. Did that
that make titans dominate-yes, but there was a catch.Titans were
purchased on basis of weapon selections and even then were extremely
expensive thus the arguments of some that I have seen regarding that
titans should be scarce was already built in to the system. Although I
think the present system of epic is better there were many cool bits of
gloss that the old rules had that would they be incorporated in a net
version would eliminate many "cheesy" situations.

I still currently have multiple home made "compendiums" that contain all
the articles and rules regarding epic 1st edition and up to the present
date still dabble in a 1st/2nd edition hybrid that since I have seen
talk about making net epic game I would be willing to brainstorm some
ideas and contribute.

Well it seems many people are up to the task of creating Net Epic,if
people are interested I can start posting some ideas so they can be
analyzed and since I believe Mr. Dodds has graciously proposed to post
up this version once completed, perhaps we may all begin this huge
undertaking together-there is no better time than now!

United we stand!

P.S. for those interested I might be able to arrange to foward copies of
my homemade first edition epic compendium to better coordinate effort in
producing a Net Epic version.
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