[Epic] Chaos, Titans, and Fire Control Centres

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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 04:11:34 -0800

I recently posted a note about the Fire Control Centres. The reference
was wrong. The correct reference is the WD #173 Space Marine Q&A page
39. The exact wording is as follows:

"Does the fire control centre modifier apply to barrages?"

"Yes, but not those with a mandatory scatter roll like the vortex or
barrage missile."

I hope this clears this one up.

I submit the following for your edification, to be used or discarded as
you will:

I mentioned in an earlier post that we allow the Chaos player to use
Warlord Titan groups. I understand why this caused strong negative
reactions. I am sure the following excerpt from Renegades p73 is at the
heart of the opposing viewpoint:

"Cards for Chaos Warlord Titans are supplied in this supplement. They
are included as Minion cards, so up to five can be chosen for each
Greater Demon in your force. Warhound and Reaver Titans may also be
chosen as Minion cards if desired, even though no cards are included
here. Simply use the approriate Imperial cards instead."

In response, I can see your point. However, on the same page, the
following can be found:

"The Titan Legions of the Collegia Titanica split into loyalist and
traitor factions, with over half the TITAN LEGIONS (emphasis is my own)
joining Horus....With the failure of the Heresy the renegage TITAN
Legions (emphasis is mine) were driven into the the eye where they STILL
(again my emphasis) dwell ten thousand years on, waiting to board space
hulks and devastate the worlds of the Imperium again."

In addition, the following can be found in the Titan Legions Codex
Titanicus among the descriptions of example Ttian Legions: (page 12)

"LEGIO MORTIS (Death Heads -Traitor Legion)...They remain trapped in
servitutde to the gods of Chaos, fighting a war that ended 10,000 years
ago, building their strength and testing the Imperium's defences for the
time when they shall return and wreak vengeance..."

This Chaos Titan Legion is included along with the Legio Ordo Sinister,
Legio Destructor, Legio Ignatum, and Legio Metalica. We paint our
miniatures and organize our armies based on the narrative descriptions
of the units provided in the rulebooks and the WD. This is where the
Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Ordo Mallus, Beil Tan, Saim Han, Deathskulls,
and all the other units came from. Some are incorporated with special
rules and some are left to our imagination.

I am not trying to justify my own use of Titan Legions or Tech guard
units as Chaos Allies. I don't field chaos armies. I often fight against
them. I simply feel that you should not limit yourselves to what is
explicitly stated as "legal" in a fantasy miniatures game. I have gone
to the trouble of finding these references for you to show that this
does not violate the spirit of the rules. Within the fictional history
provided by the creators of the game from its first incarnation, Adeptus
Titanicus, to its latest release, Titan Legion, the titan legions are
fielded on both sides of the conflict.

I leave this for you do decide amongst yourselves, to use or discard.

"So let it be written, So shall it be done."

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