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Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 11:21:39 +0200

Hi folks,

>I have just recently read the unofficial 3.0 Space-marine 6mm rules. For
>those who have been around epic since Adeptus Titanicus it is obvious
>that these rules draw heavily from what we can call 1st edition epic.
>Although the original game had many flaws it also had many interesting
>perks such as a better developed morale system and the rules made it
>almost impossible for anything other than another titan to destroy a
>titan, it was very difficult except in concert to take one out by
>vehicles alone and a impossible gesture when tried by infantry alone-I

Since I'm one of the two authors of this thing I believe it's time for
me to speak up. Yes the system is based heavily on 1st ed Epic. Although
I never played much with the 1st ed. I always felt these rules to be more
realistic, although unwieldy. I don't know how many people have already
read those rules, for thos who have here is some info on how we came to
the rules as they are at the moment, for thos who haven't I can forward
the rules to the list if there is enough interest in it. The first problem
we tackled was the point values, so we designed a system to get coherent
point values. The next things were introduction of the D10 and the concept
of the negative save. The rest of it developed almost by itself. The only
two problems left we never quite got around were moral and CC. I still
believe my system for CC is a bit complicated and untried but it is the
right way to go. At this point we published this version and basicly planed
to refine and rewrite the system based on comments and expriences of other
people unfortunately the feedback was extremly limited, so there wasn't
a next version until now.

>I still currently have multiple home made "compendiums" that contain all
>the articles and rules regarding epic 1st edition and up to the present
>date still dabble in a 1st/2nd edition hybrid that since I have seen
>talk about making net epic game I would be willing to brainstorm some
>ideas and contribute.

I have some ideas for improvements (of course based on my system) as well,
so if there is going to be a net Epic, I'd be only to happy to join.

>Well it seems many people are up to the task of creating Net Epic,if
>people are interested I can start posting some ideas so they can be
>analyzed and since I believe Mr. Dodds has graciously proposed to post
>up this version once completed, perhaps we may all begin this huge
>undertaking together-there is no better time than now!

I'd suggest that all listmembers that want to be actively involved into
writing the Net Epic form a seperate list. First of all we collect all
selfmade rules availible and analyse them, then we decide on the basic
guidelines how we want to solve certain problems and last but not least
compose a rulebook. This can then be published to the Space Marines list
and discused here.

>United we stand!
Way to go

So long


Citizen GW products are good for you, in case of problems report for
attitude readjustment treatment at your local intersec station!

So far for Paranoia players...

p.s. I also did a (very basic) set of campaign rules for Epic, if there is
interest I could post them as well.
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