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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 15:09:17 +0800

At 04:41 PM 1/16/97 +1000, you wrote:
>>How do they do it ? I mean, a nuke (even a small one) will have a blast
>>radius (fireball effect, heat effect, radiation effect) of kilometres. I
>>doubt that Epic battles are fought over kilometres, maybe if we have 200 000
>>points :) And imagine a blast radius (super barrage template) of 100-200 cm
>>(min) with -10 modifier (only the Imperator would stand a chance). And not
>>to mention the EM wave which will short out all your electrical equipment.
>Small tac nukes aren't necesarilly a huge blast radius. A multi-packed
>warhead would be big, but there are nukes smaller the ones used on Hiroshima
>and Nagasaki. They create more a huge explosion, but still to be used on the

I think (from what I read) even the small tactical nukes will cause too much
damage on both sides, esp when they are both about to engage. I remembered
reading something about small scale tactical nukes and neutron bombs being
used in battlefields, but more on attacking the supply lines or convoys of
the enemies - to disrupt their followups, secondwave, etc - especially if
they are winning. But not when both sides are about to engage :) No winner,
only the smaller loser :P

Also I think Hiroshima nowadays is considered to be a low to mid-yield nuke.

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