Re: [Epic] Attention Eldar players with Warlock Titans...

From: Perrin Haley <phaley_at_...>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 13:44:53 -0800

>phaley_at_... (Perrin Haley) writes:
>> I've recently been working on my Warlock Titan, and I was wondering
>> if anyone could give me some advice on how I'm supposed to attach the
>> banner pole/hanger that is glued to the psy-cannon (illustrated on the
>> front of the box.)
> I don't remember what the box looks like, but if you take a
>paper clip, and clip it a couple times with a wire cutter, you can get
>a straight piece that bends at the end without having to bend it
>yourself. I guess it would be shaped sort of like this:
>Anyways, you can wrap the banner around the straight part, and then
>secure it by the ends to the titan. (I didn't do a great job of this,
>so the banners eventually broke off. I'm going to actually drill
>holes in so they can be pinned in next time. I'm also going to spend
>more time on the banners :)

Sounds good; I hadn't thought of using a paper clip! Since you have had
some trouble with the banner falling off, I think I'll drill hole in the
titan as well. Thanks for the input.



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