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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 15:44:42 -0500 (EST)

Excerpts from Epic: 16-Jan-97 Re: [Epic] Creating new ver.. by Brett
> And, IMHO, that is precisely the reason that I believe Void Shields act to
> give a 50/50 save. Prior to TL, Warp and Vortex Missiles rendered Titans so
> vulnerable that no one was buying them. (No need to field a 900 pt unit
> that gets wasted by an 80 pt Deathstrike,

Actually, no; the vulnerability of Titans was due to the fact that the
void shields would drop to shots with a zero save mod, which were (and
are) very easy to come by. After that, one or two shots with a heavy
weapon took out the Titan. Deathstrikes are a bit unreliable and take
at least a turn, if not two or three, to make it across the board to a
fire support Titan, and they can be shot down relatively easily.

And if you're talking about titan-mounted Warp & Vortex missiles, then
it's just the luck of the initiative & to-hit dice, I imagine. (And
it's not 900 pts. vs. 80 points, either....)

>and no need to buy the $30 model
> either...)

The Battle Titans set got you six plastic Warlords & three weapons
sprues for $25; Reavers were $9 each, and Warhounds $7. (I think that's
about right, anyway. If not, someone can correct me, but Titan prices
were nowhere *near* what they are today, not even by half.)

>So, TL comes up with the titan BG to bring down the cost, and a
> Void Shield save to increase survivability. (Thus more models sold...)

Well, they did increase survivability by requiring a -1 save mod on the
weapons to drop a shield, but the psychic power save effect of void
shields has always existed.
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