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Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 11:38:36 -0600

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>I've talked to other gamers who pretty much believed that
>winning the game depended solely on winning initiative more
>than your opponent.


I would be one of those gamers. The group I played in at TN Tech were
die-hard. We had about 6-8 regular players and at least that many who would
occasionally pick up a game. Almost all were college students, and the
competition was fierce. Rarely did anyone make tactical errors, and stupid
errors (not placing orders, etc.) just didn't happen at all. By the time I
left, most battles (unless someone was trying an experimental force) went to
whoever won 2 out of 3 initiative rolls. If someone won all three, there
was no hope. We even tried adding +1 to the loser's roll on the following
turn. Most of us refused to play Ragnar Cheesemane because of his
initiative bonus. It is not true so much at games I've played in elsewhere,

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