Re: [Epic] Eldar Spirit Hosts

From: Tony Christney <acc_at_...>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 19:54:36 -0800

>> Why not 3 Prism Cannon? I'm not sure of the prevailing opinion on
>> whether or not their shots allow Chaos Card saves, but if they don't the
>> Prism Cannon'd be good for shooting at LoBs/GDs with.
> Opinion, shminion. WD 173, Epic Q&A, GDs cannot use
>chaos cards to save themselves from Prism Cannons (among other
>> (I don't recall
>> if the force had GDs or not, actually, but I remember a LoB or two.)
> He had, what, 2 LoBs and a Bloodthirster? Hmmm...
>with 9 Prism Cannons (50 pts a pop), I think they'd be going
>down pretty quickly...

But don't forget the LoB's 3+ psychic saving throw. This helps a lot.
Still, with 9 prism cannons, things would look pretty grim. However,
anyone who just showed up at my house with an army like that would
be likely to get a slap in the head. It takes _all_ the fun out of it.

Tony Christney
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