[Epic] Eldar Spirit Hosts

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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 15:02:50 -0600

What is the prevailing thought on the Warlock included in the spirit host -
does he come with a falcon transport or not?

Incidentally, regarding that cheese chaos player with the warlord BG and 75
bloodletters, whay not take a cheesey force of:

8 spirit hosts with warlock special cards - 4800 pts
        16 warlocks in all
4 doom weaver detachments - 5400 pts total
3 firestorms (150 ea?) - 5850
1 warwalker detachment - 6000

set up - wall of wraithguard, wall of dreadnoughts, warlocks, hide the
doomweavers and firestorms, mix the warwalkers into the from row.

turn 1 - psychic lock the heck out of him in the psychic phase before he can
fire. On average you will immobilize 4 out of 5 titans. Doomweaver them.
Advance the wraithguard and warwalkers. First fire the dreadnoughts. Shoot
the heck out of his horde of bloodletters. Take care of his thunderhawks
with the forestorms, unless he doesn't bring them on. In which case you're
end of turn - 4 dead titans, 3 useless or destroyed t-hawks, somewhere
between 28 and 40 victory points.

turn 2 - Wipe the ramaining titan(s). Everyone on first fire. So what if
he kills a few wraithguard, they are worth 0 points. Rack up the rest of
the necessary victory points by killing huge, stinkin' gobs of bloodletters.
Warlocks and doomweavers are great at slowing them down so you get even more

turn 3 - Tell him to take his little one-dimensional, non-epic-playing,
I-use-every-loophole-possible, cheesey-chaos-having, happy butt back to the
house to lick his wounds.

Better yet, bet armies on the game before hand. You can sell his off to
recoup the money you spent creating such a ridiculous force.

Anything can be beaten when you know exactly what's coming. Fight cheese
with cheese.

love and laughs,
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