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Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 13:42:14 GMT

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>On Sun, 19 Jan 1997, Mike Fuller wrote:
>> Besides having to be on First Fire orders are there any
>> restrictions as to which units can use snap-fire and which units can be
>> targets of snap fire?
>Only units that SAY they are snap fire in their description can snap
>fire... as far as i know that includes imperial Hydra's, squat Thunderfire
>Cannons, and eldar Firestorms and i don't know of any others.

And the defense laser on the Impirator and doomdiver magna cannons.
(Also a landtrain battle car from some Cit Journal or other - barf...)


>For firestorms and thunderfires any model with LOS (remember snap fire
>interupts movement) can be shot at.... i beleive hydra's can only shot at
>flyers, skimmers, and titan size models (and i'd say things on buildings
>or other suitably high ground) because the gun can't be depressed low
>enough to shot at infantry, tanks, etc.

Hydras "cannot shoot ground targets except titans and troops in buildings"
although how this affects skimmers, we aren't really sure. If a skimmer
doesn't move, it is a "ground target" (since it is on the ground - well
DER...) If it does move, is a few feet of the ground such a big deal?

>Just curious buy why won't you buy titan legions?
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