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Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 13:32:40 GMT

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>On Sat, 18 Jan 1997, Brett Hollindale wrote:
>> It sounds like your problem is with the Tyranids and the amount of cheese
>> they can bring to the party (pretty funny coming from a squat general :-)
>> and NOT with the psychic phase in general.
>Are you trying to say squats are cheesy? Care to back that claim up
>somwhow? And i don't have a problem so much with tyranids cheese... i've
>had problems with the psychic phase before i ever even saw tyranids.
>Brad Leffew
>Orc DeathDealers Team Coach
>Squat Warlord/Space Marine/Knight Commander
>King of WHFB Bretonnia Army (newly aquired, love the models)
>High King of WHFB Dwarf Army

Am I trying to say Squats are cheesy? Is the Pope a Catholic? Does Pamela
Anderson sleep on her back? Do Catachan's Devils shit in the woods?

Care to back that up somehow????

Where do I start...

Overlord Airships Companies.
Go to high altitude, move and FF death on anything (cause you can see it all...)
Fixed 50/50 save (better than anything except an avatar) and if you fail
this save, there is still a 2 in 3 chance that you save on a 1+ all round!
More firepower than any other 250 pts unit... What more do you want?

Guild Biker Forces.
The best bikes in the game (+4 CAF) and almost the cheapest. (Only IG get
cheaper bikes and then only just cheaper.) And if these stumpy bikes ever
break (not likely!) they don't vanish like IG bikes!

Super Heavy Vehicles.
Move and then FF. (No one else does that!)
COLOSSI:- Have spotters for their one shot barrage missiles so that they are
always direct fire. Have more forepower than any other 500pt unit (8d6 hit
on a 4+ save at -2, huge barrage weapon, 4 one shot missiles, 1d6 range 50
hit on 3+ save at -3, and a mere 16d6 of bolters) And lets not forget the
support gyrocopter... (Did I mention a 1+ all roud save with 6 - count them
- six! void shields)
LAND TRAINS:- Try a land train with a single battle car (Rad Bomb). For 350
points you get thue usual 1+ all round save, a misserable 3 void shields,
you actually need to place orders! and only 4d6 hit on a 4+ save at -2, the
usual huge barrage weapon, 8d6 of bolters and the rad bomb... One shot,
unlimited range, 8 barrage points ignoring cover save at -1, **12cm**
diameter template!!
CYCLOPS:- Just your average SHV - 5 void shields, 1+ all round save, a close
range weapon pack with one notable exception - the 100cm hit on a 2+ save at
-6 blows through void shields does +6 damage on titans CHEDDITE PROJECTOR!!!
(The defense vs a cheddite projector as written in a WD somewhere is "Well,
you COULD win initiative...")

Super heavy artillery that can still fire when close assaulted! (You can't
pin a SHV with smaller than a SHV, and unpinned SHV's can target anything
they want...) And of course the squat artillery is cheaper and better than
anyone elses artillery... (Longer range, better save mod, ignores cover -
thank God they only save on a 5+.)

Snap fire weapons.
Again super heavy! CAN target ground units. (NOT the best snap fire weapon
in the game - but close!)

Faster than other skimmers, 360 degree fire arc (better than other
skimmers,but cheese IS round isn't it?), the usual (for squats) outrageous
break point...
Other units:
Other units that cost the same as anyone elses units and have better break
points thus giving up VP harder than other armies... (eg. Squat tarantulas
have a break point of 4 out of 5 instaed of the usual 3 out of 5.)

Is this enough back up?

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