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Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 14:55:44 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 19 Jan 1997, Mark A Shieh wrote:

> > Super heavy artillery that can still fire when close assaulted!
> So it gets one last shot off. All of my Eldar tanks can do that.

Exactly, so do firestorms i beleive (being skimmers if i remember

> > Snap fire weapons.
> I don't believe it's super-heavy.

It's not, plus if it has to move for ANY reason it's destroyed cause it's
anchored into the ground.

> Also too expensive to waste in CC. It's just a fast gun platform,
> that will always be on advance orders. At 3 for 200?, they're
> wonderful to see because they actually die relatively easily, unlike
> the rest of the squats. (I forget the exact costs, but the company is
> also fun to face because it doesn't take massed firepower to take one

Exactly, and unlike Falcons, you an't really leave them on first fire
orders to make pop up attacks when starting the game because they have too
short a range, so you MUST advance them first to get any use out of them
which opens them up to shots... a 4+ save isn't great.

> Not for me. They have quite a few good units, but only the
> Overlord and Tarantula, IMHO, are particularly cheesy. (I shudder at

I'm sorry i just don't see how overlords are cheesy... squats NEED that
support with that great survivability because their super heavies while
very good, don't have damage templates or tables so a failed save is death
instead of having to roll dammage... not to mention the colossus model
doesn't do the descritption justice as it talks about being the size of
city blocks, yet the colossus can't even see over the head of it's

> What the Squats have, unlike most armies, is a lack of
> weaknesses. The problem for me is that it's really hard to exploit
> what weaknesses they have without being called a cheese monger. (They
> have a lack of psykers and Titans. Taking too many warlocks is not
> exactly friendly, but the only solution I've found.)

I'm sorry i don't see how squats have a lack of weaknesses... they have no
titans, and while the supuer heavies are good, like i said without a
template it dies alot easier than titans, no pychers and really not much
protection against them. Plus, lets face it, an effective squat army is
fairly predictable... they even have less variaty of troops than eldar
(they just have a better troop companies than eldar), but not as good as
SM/IG (well not in the weapons department). You can have devestator and
IG Heavy companies, but no thunderer companies.

> 1) It has been tossed around by an eldritch storm but was thrown to
> the front of the storm so can still see the target.
> 2) It has been psychic locked.

I'd say if it says that the model can do nothing, then no it can't spot
for indirect fire... but that's JMO I guess it depends how stricly "can
do nothing" means to you or even if those two effects say that or
something else.

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