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Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 22:04:53 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 19 Jan 1997, Mark A Shieh wrote:

> The last time I made some calculations, it turned out that the
> Thunderfires hit more than the Firestorm. It's almost the same as
> comparing a Falcon's firepower to a Land Raider's. 3 4+ shots vs. 6
> 5+ shots... Assuming, of course, that the target is within 75cm and
> isn't -1 to hit.

Yes, but we all know how much calculations and averages mean ;) I haven't
hit with me thunderfires more than once in the past few rounds... they DID
one time blow the head clean off a phantom titan in a tournament our
gaming club held last year... it was agasint my opponent who i had the
most trouble beatin, but i won handly in that one... i was rather happy
about beating him, more so than i was about winning the tournament :)

> I didn't think that moving them destroyed the unit, only that
> they were incapable of moving themselves. I have no idea what would
> happen with a wave serpent warp wave or an eldritch storm.

I remeber seeing it in a Q&A or FAQ a while ago... it doesn't happen all
the time, but it made sense since they are literally anchored in the
ground i don't see how they could dodge a web, etc...

> Hmm. I glossed over this somehow, as I tend not to worry
> range. But I'll have to look into it and see if it turns out to be
> worth the cost I spend killing them.

I've noticed doomweavers have the best effectiveness blocking LOS or
going for artillery like goliaths and thunderfires, or IG stuff...

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