Re: [Epic] Doomweavers/Tempests, hell all of the Eldar

From: john <beckjoh1_at_...>
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 22:52:07 -0800

> Really depends on the size of the battle. In a 10 000+ battle, no worries.
> 6000 would maybe be ok, but for the regular 3-4000 it would be a bit
> cheesey. It also depends on your opponent. I know of tyranid players that
> look at the tempests with glee. Spore drops + tempests on FF + tempests
> crappy CAF = bulk tyranid points. I'm never taking them against the bugs
> again. The CAF just dosen't cut it against really mobile troops.
Agianst bugs, in the standerd 3-4000 pts. I bring a company of tempest
and one of falcons and them some vibrocannons. Always some firestorms.
Then some prism cannons to round out the mix. I don't bring infantry as
a general rule. They are generally either to ezpensive for what they
do, or they don't do enough.

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