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From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 16:14:32 +1000 (EST)

>> Guild Biker Forces.
>> The best bikes in the game (+4 CAF) and almost the cheapest. (Only IG get
>> cheaper bikes and then only just cheaper.)
>Squat Bike Force: 22 _at_ 600 = 27.3 each
>IG Bike Company: 16 _at_ 300 = 18.8 each
>Marine Ravenwing: 15 _at_ 400 = 26.7 each
>Wind Rider Host: 25 _at_ 650 = 26.0 each
>Ork Kult of Speed: 15 _at_ 400 = 26.7 each
>Looks to me like the Squats have the most expensive bikes, though
>certainly one of the two best. (The other being the Eldar jetbikes,
>though skimming is a mixed blessing these days.) And no complaints
>about the Ravenwing being DA only -- I've seen it fielded too many times
>for that. People like it, and include it in their force.

I think with the new skimmer pinning rules have thrown the eldar bikes back
to the pack, maybe a little futher too. It's definitely changed their aspect
in the game. I no longer see them thrown willy nilly as they once were.

I have to say that the ork Nobz warbikes are easilly the best value for the
bikes. When their HQ are combined with some of the nastier mekboy cards,
they can be devastating. And it seems to get worse the more there are. The
squats are very good, but they can still be targeted easilly. The nobz
warbikes don't suffer form that.

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