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>> > > I should have said, "it would be a very brave player to field Squat
>> > > There's plenty of other cheese in the Squat larder...
>> >
>> > There's plenty of cheese in *every* larder, when you get right down to
>> > it. Is there any particular reason you're picking on the Squats?
>> Yeah, the same reason I complained about Chaos. I can't cope
>> with the forces I tend to see. Overwhelming firepower until their CC
>> gets to me. I really hate Warlord battlegroups, and I don't know how
>> to stop a T-hawk, even after subscribing to the mailing list. It
>> pretty much ensured the loss of a Titan, artillery, or something else
>> vital.
>> There seems to be less in the IG troop selection... <shrug>
>> Mark
>Well, I can't help you with every army you come across, but I can give you some
>guidelines and some specific suggestions:
>If you're dealing with a cheesy force (i.e. 75 Bloodletters), you have 3
>choices: fight cheese with cheese, try and figure out what it's weak point is
>and design an opposing force to face it, or simply refuse to play against it.

Actually, there is a fourth option. Fight cheese with your regular force.
If you lose, work out why and adjust your regular force so that it isn't as
likely to happen again.

For all the poorly designed units (cheesy units) in the game, there IS an

>In general, know your own army's strengths and your opponents' weaknesses.
>This holds true in any military simulation. For instance, the I.G.'s strength
>is that it can get a lot of guys for pretty cheap. Someone was earlier
>suggesting a Chinese army, with lots of Tacs and some Heavy guardsmen.
>Anbother strategy is the guard CC army, with lots of Roughrider, Bikes, etc.
>Not only ought you to know your opponent's army, you should know your opponent.

Tsun Tzu would agree with you, but I don't. I much prefer the challenge of
playing against someone I don't know anything about. (At our local gaming
con, we take the same army against all of the other players on predtermined
- by the con organiser - terrain.)
The thrill of not knowing which army you are up against or on what terrain
is very exciting...

>What kinds of units does he like? What kinds of mistakes does he typically
>For instance, does he like to take Titans but doesn't screen them from CC?
>Lastly, some specific suggestions for dealing with problems you mentioned:
>- one way to deal with Titan battlegroups, especially ones with lots of big
> guns, is to avoid taking anything you would hate to lose. If you can, keep
> your troops out of their line of sight until you're close enough to swarm
> them. The easiest way to kill a Titan is to CC it with several stands of
> relatively cheap troops like bikes; alternatively, you can try to get behind
> them with some fast, shooty troops like fliers (though this is more risky.)
> A T-hawk filled with marines can be murder on an unprepared Titan.
>- Thawks are most easily dealt with using AA platforms like the Hydra. Your
> second strategy is to surround expensive units with "bodyguards" of cheap
> infantry.

Yeah, surprising true to life for a GW game, wouldn't you say?

> Failing this, you need to avoid taking any units that could be
> potential targets, like artillery or other expensive units.
>Cameron Bentsen, Ottawa
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