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From: Brett Hollindale <agro_at_...>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 10:08:39 GMT

At 11:22 PM 20/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
>On 20 Jan 1997, Cameron Bentsen wrote:
>> Incidentally, one significant reason why many people prefer the Firestorm
>> to the Thunderfire, despite the fact that they cost 50 more points per
>> model, is that the Firestorms weapons all have range 100, while the
>> Thunderfire's secondary guns only have a range of 75 (I think,) which really
>> means they only have a range of 50 against high-altitude bogies. Not very
>> effective. For straight firepower the Thunderfires are better, but they don't
>> cope with adversity very well (can't move away from CC, limited effectiveness
>> when firing into cover or at high-fliers or at fast-movers, no armour to
>> of, etc.) Still, they're good AA platforms in most conventional situations,
>> especially when dealing with T-hawks...
>> Cameron Bentsen, Ottawa
>Just a thought: I prefer (actually fear) the Firestorm over the
>Thunderfire because the Firestorm is a skimmer. One of my favorite
>tactics to deal with snap-fire weapons is to take a detachment of
>Thunderbolt or marauder (imperial flyers) and charge them into CC with
>snap-fire weapons on the first turn. The idea is that the snap-fire
>weapons will have to shoot down the offending flyers (using up their
>snap-fire shots) or be pinned in CC and be unable to engage other targets.
>The plan is that this will clear the way for my Thunderhawk gunships.
>Firestorms of course can't be pinned and are there for immune to this
>tactic. Besides, the Firestorm isn't a bad "tank" even if you ignore the
>snap-fire ability.
>Chad Taylor

Since the Firestorm can't pop up and snapfire or move and snapfire, we don't
allow it to snapfire after being close assaulted even though it isn't
"pinned", since the only way it can avoid being pinned is to move (a bit) it
wouldn't be able to snapfire...

At least this makes sense to our gaming group.

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